Donating to your local Foodbank can make a huge difference

Donating to your local Foodbank can make a huge difference

Every month, we deliver a substantial box of food to our nearby foodbank in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. Donating whatever you can to support your local foodbank can have a profound impact on someone or a family in need. The first time we visited our local foodbank, we were both surprised and deeply moved by the sight of numerous individuals seeking assistance. It was an unexpected experience, one that exposed us to the reality of a father and daughter, along with the stories of people who were once similar to you and me. This serves as a poignant reminder of our privilege – the ability to simply open our fridge and choose something to eat. Perhaps we're all just one paycheck away from relying on a foodbank, making them essential lifelines for members of our community.

FAQ's from our local foodbank in Cambridge

Who is the food hub intended for?
The hub is primarily for people who are struggling to meet the costs of food, but in the second hour of the session, we're inviting everyone to come and see if they can help use food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Can I donate food to the hub?

Donations of in-date non-perishable food are welcome: they can be brought to the back door of the Church (the Centre door) and left during the time the church is open (1:30-4pm on Wed and Sat). They will be left to decontaminate for 3 days and served at the next session.

Can I donate funds to the hub?

Please do consider donating much needed funds to the hub contact St Andrew's Church for details of how to do this. 

You can learn more here

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