A Taste of Home: Unveiling the Exclusively Cambridge Gift Box

A Taste of Home: Unveiling the Exclusively Cambridge Gift Box

Calling all Cambridgeshire connoisseurs! Are you ready to embark on a delicious journey through the best our beloved county has to offer? The Cambridge Hamper Company is proud to present Exclusively Cambridge, a brand-new hamper gift box brimming with locally sourced delights. 

Unwrapping a Local Treasure:

  • Crunchy satisfaction: Delight in the irresistible flavours of Savoursmiths Crisps, made with locally sourced potatoes and unique flavour combinations.
  • Refreshing bursts: Quench your thirst with the vibrant Orange & Clementine juice from the Cambridge Juice Company, packed with vitamins and bursting with sunshine.
  • Honeycomb heaven: Indulge in the delightful texture and sweetness of Fudge Kitchen's Honeycomb Fudge, a truly decadent treat.
  • Giant chocolatey hugs: Share the joy with Cambridge Confectionary Company's Giant Chocolate Buttons, perfect for satisfying your inner child.
  • A touch of sophistication: Elevate your meal with a bottle of Vin Rouge from Cambridge Wine Merchants, selected to complement the hamper's flavours.
  • Gin for the curious: Explore the diverse botanical profiles of Cambridge Distillery's Trio of Gins, a true testament to the city's spirit.
  • Sweet memories: Relive childhood joys with a selection of Pick n Mix from The Local Sweet Cart Company, offering a nostalgic touch.
  • Homemade goodness: This year we have a new and exciting range of cakes hitting our hampers from Cambridgeshire's Barkers Bakery.
  • A taste of sunshine: Spread the cheer with Orange Marmalade from Cambridgeshire's Janda Foods, bursting with citrusy flavour.
  • Fudge fiesta: Discover a trio of delectable fudge flavours from Fudge Kitchen, each one a unique delight.
  • Ambiance redefined: Set the mood with a New York Candle from The Candle Company Cambridge, filling your home with a fragrance of choice.

More Than Just a Gift Box, It's an Experience:

The Exclusively Cambridge Gift Box is more than just a collection of delicious food and drink; it's an experience. With every bite, you'll discover the passion and dedication of local producers who pour their hearts into creating exceptional products. It's a celebration of our community, a nod to the rich agricultural heritage of Cambridgeshire, and a way to support the very people who make our county so special.

The Perfect Gift (or Indulgence):

Whether you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one, a delightful treat for yourself, or a way to explore the best of Cambridgeshire, the Exclusively Cambridge Gift Boxr is the perfect choice. It's a gift that keeps on giving, supporting local businesses while delighting your taste buds.

Find out more here - Exclusively Cambridge

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